Friday, September 3, 2010

A few links that caught my eye

Manny Delcarmen was lit up in his first appearance with the Rockies, resulting in what R.J. Anderson declared was "the most exciting inning of the night".

The Red Sox Beacon has a nice article on Felix Doubront in the bullpen. Given the Red Sox depth at starting pitcher and the weakness in the 'pen, I agree with their assessment that Felix could be in the bullpen to stay.

Baseball Prospectus has an interview with new top prospect Anthony Ranaudo.

And perhaps best of all, Joe Posnanski, who gets my vote for the best sports writer out there right now, has an article about Jeter's future defense, offense, and pay than fills me with glee.


  1. You have to watch out with that schadenfreude, especially with the Sox not making the playoffs. Then again, I suppose it is a time to take solace where ever you can.

  2. Bah. Let's see how the Yankees would have done losing 4 offensive starters. In the end, the money probably won't make much of a difference for the Yankees anyway, but I can still enjoy watching them waste it.

  3. Fair enough. Though even without the injuries, it's no guarantee that the Sox would make the playoffs. It would just still be a race.

  4. No, but this is a team that is on pace to win 92 games, despite not getting anything out of Ellsbury (3.1 projected WARP), losing Pedroia for half the season (5.9 projected WARP), getting sub par production out of Mike Cameron due to the abdominal injury (2.7 projected WARP), and having Beckett being generally worthless following his injury adds up to them certainly being in the race.