Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scott Kazmir is back!

In today's Cleveland-Milwaukee game, he pitched a pretty magical two innings. Let's take a quick look at the box score: 2 IP, 1H 0BB, 1K 0ER Pretty good, but it is spring training. Nothing to get too excited about, unless you keep reading and see this: Pitches-strikes: Carrasco 14-9, Kazmir 9-9, Bauer 7-7, Rogers 21-6, Leon, Ar 15-6, Jungmann 19-6, Hoey 0-0. NINE pitches, all for strikes, including a strikeout! In case you are curious, here's the play by play: Jeff Bianchi grounds out on first pitch, one out. Norichika Aoki flies out on first pitch, two outs. Logan Shafer doubles on first pitch. Alex Gonzalez strikes out in three pitches, all swinging. Aramiz Ramirez grounds out, Taylor Green flies out, Robinzon Diaz grounds, each on the first pitch. Hitters swung at EVERY SINGLE PITCH Kazmir threw, even though he spent the last two years rehabbing or in the Independent League, struggling with his control. Spring training is amazing.