Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Sox 2010 Draft Signings

So far the only major picks to sign are Kolbrin Vitek (20th overall), who signed at the "slot" suggested bonus by MLB of $1.4 million and Bryce Brentz, who also signed at slot ($877,000). Workman, who was Baseball America's 16th overall player in the draft, and Anthony Ranaudo may be very difficult to sign. Ranaudo is represented by Scott Boras and is reportedly looking for top 10 bonus money, due to Ranaudo's status as the consensus #1 college pitcher and #2 prospect overall coming into this season. If either player signs over slot, then the Red Sox cannot officially sign them until the August 14th deadline. The rule is Bud Selig's clumsy attempt to rein in bonuses, despite the clear benefit for teams to go over slot; essentially, the thinking is that players cannot use deals signed by other prospects as leverage.

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