Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The doldrums

I haven't written anything in the last few weeks because there really isn't much to write about. At this point the lineup is set and there aren't even any trade rumors. I've had this discussion with lots of folks, but we're entering the worst month of sports in the year. Sure, you have the Super Bowl, but it usually doesn't live up to expectations. Of course, you do have the parade of meaningless dates that a fan uses to measure just how long they have to wait for meaningful baseball.

Truck day is February 6th this year, and is now less than two weeks away now. How insane is it that Red Sox fans take careful note about when the truck full of equipment leaves for spring training? Of course, the next few "milestones" aren't any more meaningful. The Globe has a count down until pitchers and catchers on their website. I guess it is really important for me to know that we're 22 days, 11 hours, 43 minutes, and 22, no wait, 21 seconds away from pitchers and catchers reporting. Position players don't report for another four days, but once you get the entire team together then meaningful things begin to happen! Things like the Red Sox beating the hell out of Northeastern or, if they lose, we can all run over to Sons of Sam Horn to write about how we can't believe how terrible the team is this and how we should give up on the season right now because Theo is a moron because he didn't mortgage the future for Adrian Gonzalez, who may or may not have ever been available in the first place, and Lackey will be a complete bust because he gave up 2 runs in 2 innings against college kids.

Please forgive my Andy Rooney-esque rant, but my point is that don't expect much content here for awhile. The only sensible thing to do is wait. Or, if you'd like to feel impotent rage and overwhelming indignation, go read Jim Caple's article about how runs scored is the most important individual statistic.


  1. February is probably the worst month for sports, but given how great the Super Bowl has been recently, it is harder to make that case. Also, every 4 years you have the Winter Olympics.

    2000 - Ravens/Giants - Terrible
    2001 - Pats/Rams - Excellent
    2002 - Bucs/Raiders - Terrible
    2003 - Pats/Panthers - Excellent
    2004 - Pats/Eagles - Excellent
    2005 - Steelers/Seahawks - Terrible
    2006 - Colts/Bears - Terrible
    2007 - Giants/Pats - Excellent
    2008 - Steelers/Cardinals - Excellent

    We seem to be due for a bad super bowl, but I can't see Colts/Saints being a blowout. If it is good, that would make 6/10 super bowls of the 00's worthwhile. Plus, for the second year in a row you have a team going to the Super Bowl that has never been before. Any bets on who is next? (Browns, Lions, Jaguars, Texans).

  2. I wasn't thinking about the Olympics, but they do make a difference. That said, when you have one single game that is constantly played up for 2 full weeks and is the only sporting event for the month that really matters (with the NCAA tournament and the NBA regular season games don't matter, especially with all the series going to 7 games) 50% isn't that great.